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速博博彩 - 英语口语天天练!常用句子英语卡片12张!英语口语学习必备
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速博博彩 - 英语口语天天练!常用句子英语卡片12张!英语口语学习必备

速博博彩,朋友们好,我是五角星老师。下面的英语口语卡片,来自于我制作的 视频专栏课 《口语天天练》,目前有 1552 位头条网友一起学习啦,我们每天练习“英语口语”,今天把第117、118课的口语课程ppt,分享给大家,非常欢迎您 加入我们,一起学口语 。

欢迎您关注我! 我会分享:英语资料、英语小故事、英语单词卡片。

how do you go to schoo?

how did you go to the hospital yeaterday?

how do you go to work?

how are you going to beijing?

i usually take the bus to work.

how does your son go to school?

what's your favorite fruit?

what's your favorite vegetable?

what plant part is it?

flower seed leaf fruit stem.

when you eat a carrot?

what fruits and vegetables are there in the salad?